3M MicroPore Tape 3" w/o Dispenser 1's - 1 unit


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Micropore adhesive tape adheres well and leaves minimal residue on removal

Lightweight and breathable to promote healing

3M Micropore paper tape has gentle adhesion

True breakthrough for patient safety and comfort

Reliably secures devices and dressings to skin

Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity

Hypoallergenic tape is ideal for sensitive patients

Gentle to the skin

Economical single use rolls

Sold non-sterile



Uses Of 3M Micropore Tape:

Securing ostomy appliances

Taping fragile, at-risk skin

Securing ophthalmology and other dressings

When repeated taping is needed

Securing small to medium dressings on damp skin

Securing lightweight tubing 3M Micropore Tape – Tips For Trouble Free Taping

Application Instructions:

Apply the 3M Micropore Surgical Tape evenly to clean, dry surface.

Apply the tape evenly by positioning and pressing down from the center towards the edges.

Optimize adhesion by firmly rubbing or pressing the tape backing.

This will ensure that Micropore medical tape stays in place.

Never apply tape under tension.

This may induce skin trauma in the form of blistering or skin tearing.

3M Micropore Surgical Paper Tape

Removal Instructions:

Loosen 3M Micropore Surgical Paper Tape end Remove tape in direction of hair growth.

Keep tape close to skin surface and slowly pull tape back.

Support skin throughout removal.





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