CellLabs Probi Defendum Sachet 10's - 1 box


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  • 1st clinically proven probiotic for common cold
  • Probiotic immune Concept from Sweden
  • Strengthen the body immune defense against viral infections
  • Reduction in the number of sick days
  • Reduction in the severity of cold symptoms
  • Enhance resistance to common colds
  • Improve immunity within 2 weeks of intake

CellLabs ProbiDefendumĀ® is specially formulated to enhance immune defense against virus infection during common colds. It is clinically effective even at a low dosage of 1 billion CFU per day. Whereas other probiotics required a high dosage to provide similar immune enhancement.


  • Take 1 sachet every day. Consume directly from the sachet or take with a glass of water.





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