Medi Wellness PC19 1500mg 12's - 1 pack


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The formula (Sang Ju Yin) is important in moistening the body’s dryness, generates fluids to the throat and boost the immune system to flight the widespread seasonal flu  that’s been going around. Keeping the throat moist by destroying the environment in the throat that attracts the virus and break the nature of the virus being active in the body.

Ingredients includes:

Mulberry lraf, Chrysanthemum, Prunus armeniaca Linne var.ansu Maximowicz, Forsythia suspensa , Reed Rhizome, Wild Mint and Gycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.


  • Clear Heat
  • Moistening the body’s dryness
  • Generates fluids to the throat
  • Boost immune system


Medi Wellness

Medi Wellness


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