Nature's Way Kids A+ Vitamin C Zinc Gummies 60s - 1 unit


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More than Vitamin C!

Immune Boosting Nutrients during Kids Vital Years A combination of Vitamin C and Zinc nutrients is more suitable for kids. It is because when taken together, the effects of immune support, resistance to infectious disease and recovery from injuries are greater and more effective.

Nature’s Way KA+ Vitamin C and Zinc is gummies fortified with both Vitamin C and Zinc. A delicious and easy way to strengthen kid’s immune system resulting in less infections, sickness and speed-up recovery from cuts and bruises especially in active kids.

Benefits of key nutrients:

-Promote stronger immune system.

-Promote stronger resistance towards infections and illnesses.

-Promote speedier and better recovery from cuts and bruises.

-Benefits of Vitamin C in children under 12

– Boost immune system resulting in less infections and sickness

– Promote healthy gums.

– Promote healing of cuts and wounds.

– Strengthen blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes.

-Benefits of Zinc in children under 12

– Promote growth as zinc deficiency will result in stunt growth.

– Promote cell growth, differentiation, and metabolism.

– Promote resistance towards infections.


Nature's Way

Nature's Way


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