Pirdal Nasal Spray 15ml - 1 unit


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Pirdal Nasal Spray – (Made in France)

PIRDAL is a nasal spray that forms a cleaning and protective filmogen barrier, to prevent contact with contaminants, including viruses, thereby limiting risks of developing respiratory viral infections. During the early phase of infection, PRIDAL showed a significant reduction in manifestation and severity of respiratory symptoms.

Triple Action:

  • Prevention against respiratory infections due to viruses and contaminants
  • Treatment of early phase respiratory symptoms
  • Protective barrier: protects, cleans and helps to repair nasal mucosa


2 sprays/nostril, 4 times a day

  1. Clean your nose thoroughly before using the product
  2. Shake the bottle
  3. Remove the protective cap
  4. Before use it, press on the sprayer until a fine mist of the product appears
  5. Insert the nozzle upright into one nostril, close the other nostril with one finger and spray the product by pressing on the spray. Repeat the same process on the other nostril while breathing in very slightly. Wipe excess product with a clean tissues
  6. Clean the nasal insert after each use and close the bottle with the cap


  • Up to 4 hours protection
  • Clinically proven effectiveness against viruses including SARS-CoV-2
  • Unique, patented formula made from ingredients of natural origin
  • Save for all individuals aged 12 and above





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